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Grandeur Transport is not just a transportation company, it is a life style. Many of the services on board of the vehicle are designed and tailored to meet the requirements of the busy executives commuters and to make sure the time spent on the ride is well utilized.

​Wifi on board

Once on board, indluge yourself with the free high speed Wifi service. Continue your work while you are on the road, or even your online conference.  

On Board Snacks

Missed your breakfast or snack, do not worry about it.


Inside the van, we have made every effort to provide you with a healthy snack bar with an extensive range of drinks and sandwiches.

Laundry services

Because we understand your busy schedule,

bring on all your laundry and put them in a Grandeur plastic bag, the moment you board, hand them to the driver.


While you are on your seat, you can conveniently pick the laundry sheet, tick the items you intend to give us and place the value of your total bill in the envelopes provided before leaving the van make sure you hand over the laundry sheet along with the envelope to the driver.


We will deliver the laundry to your home directly.

Customized vehicles

At Grandeur we made every effort to keep the number of passengers as low as possible, only six passengers are seated in our vans. All our passengers get their individulaized seats that can be tilted to a comfortable sleeping position.


If you wish to create a customized van with a lesser number of passengers, we will be more than happy to assist.

Private  Service

Do you wish to rent the whole vehicle to pick up your VIP guests,  do let us know the time and location and we will be there for you.

​Onboard Entertainment

Enjoy your time by watching some of the movies and series available on board through our entertainment systems and over your personalized 10in  HD screens.

Interested in hiring us for one of your special events?


Please do share with us your experiences using our services at


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